10 Best Unique and Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

If your mom wants a green thumb but never really mastered the garden, this LED-powered planter will have her growing healthy, aromatic herbs inside, year-round, to flavor all her best dishes. And it's practically impossible to kill them.

Solid Wood Folding Chair

Look for a solid wood chair that looks great and perfect for lounging on the back patio. Your mom desrve a relaxing "me time" with a book and cold juice drink.

Body Lotion for Healthy Skin

If your mom is fond of having a skin routine, a fancy skincare kit will send her into full self-pampering mode. This will not only give her a nice experience but it will also allow her to do more self-care.

Waterproof Bluetooth Radio & Speaker

Mom who always love music while doing chores, will surely love this idea. This cute little rubber Bluetooth speaker won't stick out like a sore thumb in her home. And it sneakily plays FM radio too, so she can listen to her favorite old time music.

Silver Heart Picture Frame

With this modern world, your Mom has already taken a million photos on her smartphone. Give her some place to showcase the best of the best. And if she's kind of a sap, this heart style is all the more perfect.

Travel Mug with Infuser

For mothers who has a busy morning, but doesn't want to forgo her fancy coffee or tea rituals, this cold brew/tea strainer/fruit infuser combo is a lifesaver.

Electric Spiralizer

If mom's on top of the latest health trends, she knows carbs are out and veggies are in. Giver her a spiralizer, so she can make noodles with cucumber, carrots, and zucchini—those last ones she can call "zoodles." 

Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser

To make your house calm with a spa-like effect, give her a diffuser. You can indirectly ask her what is her favorite scent and choose the essential oils similar to what scent she likes.

White Sneaker

There's nothing cooler than a clean, white sneaker come summertime. Get your mom her own pair which she can be comfortable to wear, partner it with a dress, shorts or jeans.

Air Fryer

Making home-cooked meals isn't always an easy task, but with help from an air fryer, healthy dishes can quickly become part of your daily routine. 

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