9 Creative Ideas for Creating an Office Area Inside Your Home

Change Your Room Layout

Switch up the furniture arrangement in a small living room, guest bedroom or hallway. You can create a small office area by using simple home office storage and an attractive office desk. You can get desks in every size and style, so it is not hard to find unobtrusive office furniture that will match your room and your existing furnishings.

Turn a Closet Into a Home Office

To make the most of the small space, select a narrow, low profile desk. Use shelving above to make room for books and a printer. You can use a bright color to paint the nook. The best part is that when it is time to quit working, shutting the door keeps the office out of sight.

Why Not Make a Loft Bed or Nook?

When space is tight- like in children's bedrooms, save your floor space by creating an area under a bunk bed. You could also create a nook by moving the headboard of the bed away from the wall. Either would be a perfect place for a home office station.

Maximize Underused Space

Who said that home offices had to be in self-contained spaces only? Think outside the box. Look for spaces in your home that are underused. If you have any wasted space like under stairs, large landings, hallways, kitchens or dining rooms, these could be the ideal place for your home office! You could even consider using paint, flooring or rugs to zone the different elements of the space to add great vibes while working.

Consider Hideaway Options

Consider placing your office behind closed doors If you do not want it to be visible 24/7. This hideaway approach will be a bespoke option, but it would be perfect for those who hate clutter, or those who only occasionally need a home office set-up and will help maintain the clean lines of contemporary spaces. Plus having your office in a closet will help lessen the distractions and will help keep your work life separate from your personal life. 

Build an Alcove Office

You will surely love this small home office idea! Alcoves are another commonly underused space. Sometimes too small for a wardrobe, TV stand or chest of drawers, if you can't squeeze in a small desk, you can easily use the walls to support a work surface and create an alcove office.

Clever Bookcase Desk

Bookcase Desk is like a 2 in 1 purpose. Your home office area at the same time stylish bookshelves where you can store your favorite books. Be artistic to add more ambiance. You can place a gallery wall as an accent and pull the focus away from the workspace. 

Entryway Home Office

If your entryway is quite spacious, use it as a home office area. Place a simple desk and drawer unit on casters that keep unnecessary office clutter hidden from view.

Catty-cornered Home Office

Turn a vacant corner into a mini office by placing a desk catty-cornered. By doing this you can create a workspace with a view plus add natural light to your office area. 

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