Celebrate the 1st Day of Spring

Have a Picnic

Take your leisure time outdoors in every way possible. start making the most of your fun in the sun, because autumn will be rolling around again before you know it. Pack a picnic and find a nice sprawl of grass. The first day of each season is a great opportunity to pause and connect with nature. 

Have a Break From the Gym and Get Active Outdoors

The fresh air will put that extra spring in your stride. Right now is the sweet spot of running weather with crisp and cool with clear skies. You can explore futher and go on a hike. Discover nature-based adventures and see the changing of seasons up close before the summer heat takes over.

Get a Head Start on That Spring Cleaning

Start the season off on the right foot by getting a jumpstart on your spring cleaning. The earlier you declutter and organize, the freer you'll be once the weather warms, days get longer, and there's more tempation to go out. The further into spring you get, the more inconvenient it will be to be tied down by tasks you haven't taken care of. Free up some physical and mental space now.

Decorate Your Home

After Spring cleaning, It's time to decorate your home with Spring theme. Gather some spring flowers, cherry buds, egg shells, a bird’s nest, or whatever symbolizes springtime in your family and display them on a mantle or tabletop. Place bouquets of crocuses, daffodils, tulips, or dandelions around the house. 

Observe the Sun

The days are getting longer. Go outside on the first day of spring and watch the sun rise and set. Isn't beautiful to witness when the sun says hello in the morning and waves goodbye at the end of the day. Find out what time the sun will rise and set where you live.

Feast With Your Family

Whip up some spring meal using the first crops of the season. Dandelion leaves, steamed nettles, asparagus, new potatoes, dill, mint, and chives may be springing up where you live. Make your dinner more special than usual by adding something new. Eat outside if weather permits. 

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