Fun Easter Activities You Can Do With Your Family

Egg and Spoon Race

You can’t go wrong with an egg and spoon race. Guaranteed the egg and spoon race on Easter will send everyone to their feet. All you need are eggs, spoons, and a mop on stand-by. ASk the players to bite on the spoon handle while balancing an egg as they walk around towards the finish line and back to the starting point. The first team to return with fewer cracked eggs wins.

​​​​​​​May the eggs be ever in your favour!

Jelly Bean 2021

This race is a sweet and competitive game that your kids will surely love. Give each player with a spoon that they can use to scoop as much jelly beans as they can. Whoever gathered as much jelly bean in a bucket wins and gets to keep all the jelly beans. Plus, you can also exchange your beans with M&Ms or other small-sized candies.

Bake Treats or Cakes

Who doesn't love dessert? Whether it's a bake or no-bake recipe, this a fun way to spend Easter baking goodies that each member of the family can enjoy at the end of the day. Give everyone a chance to design and bake their own. They can either eat what they made or choose to gift the treats to another member of the family. Better yet, design a big cake with the family to eat at dinner time.

Make an Easter Wreath

Make an Easter wreath a day before Sunday with your kids. Shop for supplies and decorations you'll need. Let your kids explore the arts and crafts. Ask them to make their own right wreath after the Sunday feast. Encourage everyone to come together and get creative in this fun activity!

The Egg Hunting

Fear not if the kids can't have a scavenger hunt outside because you can always plan an egg hunt at home. Whether you do it in the yard or indoors, make things more interesting by adding a twist. Another option would be filling one of the eggs with a golden ticket for your kids to exchange with a prize. Another would be replacing plastic eggs with a print-out map that leads to hidden treasures. 

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