Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are very handy. It can used for opening an envelope, cutting loose threads, or slicing a steak when he's out camping. Make it more personal than the one you'd pick up at the hardware store by engraving it with his name, your anniversary date, or a quote that has significance to the two of you.

Meat Tenderizer

If your dad loves to cook and he is a meat lover, he will surely love this gift. This tool will soften the fibers, making it easier to chew and digest meat. Plus, it'll allow marinade to absorb better, so you can get delicious flavor in each bite.

Digital Tape Measure

For your dad who's always in the middle of a home improvement project, this digital tape measure with memory storage and conversion capabilities will save him a lot of hassle. 

Wagyu Steak

This gift may not be a tool that he can keep, but he will surely cherish this moment. Buy him a good hunks of Wagyu steak. l am confident your dad will really like a filet mignon, a ribcap, or whatever other cut you choose for him.


For the techy dad, give him a drone with an Altitude-Hold function for stable hovers, 360° flips and rolls, and smart voice control. Even if you didn’t understand most of that, dad will appreciate it. 

Tool Bucket Organizer

Save him at least 10 minutes of digging through his mound of tools in the garage, swearing up a storm as he tries to unroot the exact right socket wrench, with this neat invention.


Tough as nails on the outside and ice-cold on the inside, a cooler begs to be filled with cold ones and taken out on the road. It's the kind of cooler your dad will brag about owning. 

Aluminun Card Carrier

Not only your can dad ditch his overstuffed wallet, he can also ditch the wallet completely. Give him an aluminum card carrier that holds up to 12 cards and plenty of cash, though you'd hardly be able to tell. It's minimal and dead useful, just like he appreciates.

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