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Our goal is to help you navigate the process of selling your home with a lot more ease.

Selling Your Home – Our Plan

Real Estate is the largest asset class in America. The Miller / Stanton Group at Compass understands that the sale and proceeds of your personal residence or investment properties are often the very keys necessary to moving into (on to?) the next phases of your life. We also understand that the sale of a residence is a very personal experience.

We know perhaps this was your first house, maybe you started a family there, grilled out during the warm summer months and hosted holiday meals. We know you may have been living there for a while and you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of moving. We truly understand that when you invite us into your home, it is your home first and foremost.

Our promise is to listen to you and to hear your needs. Our goal is to help you navigate the process of selling your home with a lot more ease. We will work with you to learn the most favorable combination of terms that would enable the process to be smoother. We will provide you with our wealth of resources and high-touch client support. Let us show you how The Miller / Stanton Group at Compass will help you achieve those goals, maximize your equity and sell your home for top dollar.

To help you better understand the home selling process, we have created a simple step-by-step outline, complete with resources. Our aim is to successfully set the stage and negotiate the best possible terms for your home sale.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Initial consultation and meeting: Our Seller Questionaire takes about five minutes to complete. We ask that you fill it out in advance of our meeting.

2. Understanding your Objectives: We’ll discuss your motivations and objectives for the sale – this helps us to develop an overall plan. Frequent considerations include: Do you plan to purchase a new home? Do you need to sell your current home to purchase a new home? Do you wish to remain in a particular school district? Are you upsizing or right-sizing?

3. Timing: A solid timeline will help us deliver the results you expect. You'll provide us with guidance on the pace you're comfortable with and we'll plan accordingly.

4. Bridge Loans Services: Did you know you can obtain bridge loan financing even when your home is listed for sale? If you're planning on using the proceeds from your current home to help with the down payment and financing of your new home, a bridge loan may make sense for you. If so, we’ll work on getting that approved very early in the process.

5. Positioning: We'll discuss ways we can help you position your home in the marketplace, and share a tailor-made marketing plan specifically for your home.

6. Compass Concierge: This exclusive Compass program allows a homeowner to borrow money (based on the equity in the home) up front, with no fees, no costs and no interest charged. Ever. You pay Compass back at closing. Concierge has endless possibilities. Consider how Concierge can help you maximize your home sale profits. It may be used for staging, painting, cosmetic makeovers, stucco remediation, home inspection issues – if you can think of it, we probably have it covered. Click HERE for more information about this awesome program!

7. Pricing your home: We'll review all of the relevant market data, comparable properties and market conditions and determine the final list price – and expected sale price – for your home.

8. Compass Coming Soon: Pre-Marketing is a proven strategy to build anticipation, drive demand and help sellers get to the best offer faster. It also helps us validate our pricing strategy prior to going to market, and is a very productive activity during a time where we’re getting the house "market ready."

9. Marketing and Selling: Professional staging and photography will showcase your home to prospective buyers. Concierge will add value. We’ll arrange showing instructions that work with your schedule and lifestyle, and bring you an offer ASAP!

10. Using our Compass Resources: As an answer to the many questions the stress of COVID-19 put on our industry, Compass has developed their own Virtual Agent Services(VAS) so that we can work together and stay safe! Click HERE to check out the list of VAS.

11. Negotiation Time: We'll negotiate the purchase contract and help you obtain the best possible terms and price for the sale of your home. We'll arrange for the successful resolution of any contingencies elected by the buyer in the agreement of sale.

12. Closing: You can collect the proceeds of your sale and move on to the next phase!

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Miller / Stanton provide the winning combination of high-touch customer service and numbers-oriented results. They are detail-minded and have a proven track record of providing exceptional sales results for their residential and commercial clients.
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